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Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016) - Odia Film Mp3 Songs,Videos,Ringtones,Wallpapers Free Download

Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016) -  Odia Film  Mp3 Songs,Videos,Ringtones,Wallpapers Free Download Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016) - ଭାଇନା କ... thumbnail 1 summary

Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016) -  Odia Film  Mp3 Songs,Videos,Ringtones,Wallpapers Free Download

Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016) - ଭାଇନା କଣ କଲା ସେ Odia cinema. 

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Released on: 16th September 2016
Produced & Directed by: Sanjay Nayak
Production Co.: Sanjay Nayak Films
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Sanjay Nayak
Camera: Pradeep
Music: Prem Anand
Lyrics: Arun Mantri, Subrat Swain, Madhusudan Das
Cast: Uttam Mohanty, Kuna Tripathy, Chandan Kar, Jina Samal, Balakrushna, Tamanna, Biju Badajena, etc.
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Plot: Unavailable

Note: The story of the film Bhaina Kana Kala Se is based on recent Casting Couch & Cheat Fund issue in Odia Film Industry.

1) Kana Kala Se
Singer: Sanju, Satyajeet
Lyrics: Madhusudan Das

2) Luha Aei Luha
Singer: Humane Sagar

3) Tu Moro Life Re
Singer: Humane Sagar, Sohini Mishra
Lyrics: Arun Mantri

4) Thiya Pala
Singer: Satyajeet, Diptirekha
Lyrics: Subrat Swain

      The film directed by Sanjay Nayak has depicted the involvement of film personalities in casting couch and chit fund issues. There were suspicions that the movie might have been based on the life of comedian Papu Pom Pom. But Sanjay denied it. Though, the movie may contain some part of his story. Meanwhile, actor Tatwa Prakash Satapathy alias Papu Pom Pom and event manager Sushant Panda had filed petitions in the Civil Judge Junior Division court seeking a stay on the release of the film. The duo alleged that the film had tarnished their image. However, the court denied to put a stay  and allowed the release of the movie. Notably, Papu Pom Pom was in jail for his alleged involvement in a casting couch case. The movie Bhaina Kana Kala Se had also faced censor board ire following some vulgar scenes. However, the board cleared the movie under UA category. Chandan, Jina, Uttam Mohanty and Kuna Tripathy are among the lead actors in the movie.


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